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We have two things happening on Sunday, January 10, and they’re both at Ray and Mary Lou Cesca’s house. That’s:      

46 Mockingbird Lane,    Oak Brook, IL 60523,      630-789-2749

At 2:00 – Gathering

At 4:00 – Leadership Team meeting

What to expect? (more…)


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Religious leaders from around the world are warning us that young people today, more than ever before, need to understand their own religions in the context of the world around them. Very few Christian Science kids go to school with other Christian Scientists now. They’re often at a loss as to how to explain their religious lives to their schoolmates, and so they must either opt out of religious conversation altogether, or else they need to know better how to explain who they are. (more…)

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November 8 is a big step in our development – it will be the first worship gathering of Christian Science Fellowship – Metro Chicago. Some things will feel familiar at this fellowship worship, and some things will feel very new and different. Some of the aspects different from a traditional Christian Science service will be:
– a portion, rather than the entire Bible Lesson will be read – perhaps reading from another Bible translation
– those present will share in reading the Bible Lesson aloud
– small group discussions considering questions based on the Bible Lesson
– a variety of music, including hymn singing and guitar
– time for fellowship

We encourage anyone interested in a new Christian Science worship experience to join us. For location and time, see posting below.
We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

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Talking and listening

We’ve been thinking about the role of talking, or speaking in our current Christian Science culture. Our custom is to read or quote, but talking is uncomfortable. When Christian Scientists give testimonies on Wednesdays, there are some generally accepted styles and rules; and beyond those testimonies, Christian Scientists have very little experience talking about Christian Science outside their immediate circle of friends. And yet, the issue comes up, because younger people especially are telling us that listening to readers and the lack of interactivity during church is a strain. So, we’re re-thinking together the significance of talking in a church context.


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The power of listening

I was intrigued with the experience with the young Christian Scientists Sunday afternoon, too. We all did the best we could to share what some of our best new ideas are, but then the conversation took its own direction. I couldn’t help but feel we were being guided by a loving Presence. Of course I know it’s God, but the feeling of it was like an intelligent Presence. Maybe another word for it is “the Holy Spirit” — like the Spirit that was present at the Bible story of the Pentecost in Acts. I trusted what we heard, because there was no condemning, no judging, no reaction. But there was plenty of love, enthusiasm, and kindness. That’s what made listening easy.

We heard from some of the people how much they appreciated being heard, so it  has occurred to us now that we ought to become even more intentional in our efforts to listen to others. We’re beginning to realize how much we might learn from paying special attention to those who may never feel listened to. Almost all of us have friends and relatives who have been introduced to Christian Science but didn’t hang around. So, join us in the listening.

We have thought from the beginning that our goal is to “enlarge the tent,” because there are lots more people who would love the spirit of what Christian Science has to offer. Listening may well be a tool we’ll polish a bit more often.

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I would like to fill you in on our meeting last Sunday, when a group of young Christian Science adults gathered to share ideas about Church. Here are some of their comments:

  • Accept people for who they are, without judging them. (What a great concept.)
  • Christian Science services seem to cater only to Christian Scientists. If I brought friends from the outside – what would they think?
  • I’m worried about church members judging my friends. Certain visuals tend to throw Christian Scientists, such as a person smoking.
  • Many people our age don’t practice Christian Science because our religion is so strict. They think, I can’t grow enough to participate.
  • I go to Sunday services, but I want a little more outside activity. Small discussion groups would be nice.
  • My husband is dealing with a lot of issues. I’d like to bring him to a discussion group of Christian Scientists dealing with medical issues.
  • I have trouble making the Bible relevant.
  • What is our idea of structure? Are we open to change?

(For pictures of this meeting, see Flickr Photos in the right-hand sidebar)

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