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Is it all right to protest a senseless death by participating in a community march?

Shouldn’t we just pray about solving gang violence?

Is there a place for activism?

Read (fairly brief) how one woman found her answer to these questions.

One woman’s response.


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The main question we expect to talk about this time around is, “How can we go forward when we think we’ve prayed the best we know how, and we haven’t yet experienced the expected healing?” This question is just as much on the minds of those who have already had precious and convincing healings, as well as those who may be looking for their first healing through Christian Science treatment. There is plenty of evidence that Christian Science practice is reliable, safe, and spiritually beautiful. It usually awakens a profound spiritual consciousness and keeps the seeker searching for more spiritual growth. But there are other times when we may feel disappointed for a variety of reasons, and this is where we’re looking for the encouragement within the Fellowship. Is God there for us, no matter where we are in our struggles? Can we pray, even if we’ve leaned on a temporary staff? What about family members who have no intention of leaving medicine behind – how do we support them the best? Is it my fault, the practitioner’s fault, or nobody’s fault that I haven’t been healed yet? (more…)

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The Christian Science Fellowship-Metro Chicago placed “fellowship” as the priority in its discussion on the ethics of medicine. Guitarist Craig Ghislin loosened us up singing his great song: “I get down into the water to shine up my soul; Come out a little bit cleaner on the other side.” No room for pride, fear, self-justification, sanctimony, or guilt by the time he finished with us! We started the discussion as equals, willing to listen to, learn from, and provide support for each other. (more…)

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