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Why should the Christian Science Fellowship-Metro Chicago care about religious pluralism? It meant absolutely nothing to me in my early years in Christian Science. But now it has become essential. Something has changed. (more…)


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Update: Starting date for Gatherings has been postponed to April 25

Spring is a great time to get ready for new ideas. So, with a little encouragement from Mother Nature, we’re trying on a new look. As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we realize it’s time to “graduate” beyond the introductory Sunday afternoon Gathering samplings to the real thing on Sunday morning. Just to recap a bit, the reason we can’t keep permanent afternoons for Gatherings is that those who come in the afternoons have usually already attended a service in the morning. The afternoon Gathering either becomes redundant or artificial. We’re really happy we’ve been able to share some of the new ideas with lots of people around the Chicago area. Many of our blog readers have enjoyed putting some of these ideas to use in their own churches. Mission partly accomplished!

So, what’s next? (more…)

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