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Sixteen marvelous women, many of whom did not know each other before this 3-day weekend, gathered in the woodsy and rustic setting of Wesley Woods at Williams Bay, Wisconsin.

Lively discussion

Last weekend provided glorious blue skies and breathtaking beauty as we honed in on “Practicing Radical Acts of Love.”  Saturday’s program was facilitated by Carol Hohle.  Carol is the Chicago-based founder of Inspiration House, “an organization devoted to environmental sustainability, spiritual fulfillment, and a socially just human presence on this planet.”

Carol H enjoys warm drink.

Carol showed us how acknowledging our awe and reverence for God’s creation takes us effortlessly to gratitude for these things which truly awe us.  Her ideas and presentations gave us much to put into practice.

An evening hike with headlamps and flashlights added a touch of adventure to that wonderful autumn tradition of bonfire, songs, and s’mores.

Each woman took home her own inspired commitment to practicing radical love.

Here are a few choice one-liners which surfaced:

  • Being in love is really being held in Love.
  • We cannot have reverence without humility.
  • Reverence is an open door to healing.
  • Reverence on the go! (more…)

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Our guest blogger today is Linda Kopec, an active supporter of the Fellowship.  Linda alerts us to an opportunity for specific prayer for the Greater Chicago area.  She writes: 

As I’ve listened to the radio or followed news reports this month, I’ve noticed growing concerns being voiced about the upcoming G8 and NATO summits to be held in Chicago in mid May. These concerns include demonstrations, terrorism, cyber-attacks, security measures in the city and suburbs, along the lakefront and at O’Hare airport. Even apprehension about “rolling” road closures has been mentioned.

In thinking about the mission of the Fellowship — “to nourish Christian Science worship, fellowship, and healing in a warm, bold, new way that supports one another and reaches the world” — what a wonderful opportunity we have to “reach the world” arriving at our doorstep this spring by joining together individually, and as churches, linked in prayer for the harmony, safety, and well-being of those coming to Chicago — and its surrounding communities, local governments, businesses, and residents.

It’s not too soon to get started! If you or your church would like to join a Prayer Watch for the summits, please post a comment below. And, we’d love to hear where your prayers are leading you!

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This last week I watched the PBS six-hour production God in America – a series that explored the role religion has played in shaping America’s history.  I found it fascinating to hear and see the experiences of individuals – their struggles and triumphs – in finding a faith system that would give stability to their lives.  Many times it was the deeply personal issues of these individuals that directly led to changes — sometimes good, sometimes not — in the moral climate of the country.

I was inspired by the courage of Anne Hutchinson in defending her firm conviction – to a male-dominated authority – (more…)

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Is it all right to protest a senseless death by participating in a community march?

Shouldn’t we just pray about solving gang violence?

Is there a place for activism?

Read (fairly brief) how one woman found her answer to these questions.

One woman’s response.

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What’s Interfaith? It’s where you can make a difference one-on-one. It a community of diversity who agrees that learning about other faiths is a healthy approach to life.  It’s a group of people who finds their own faiths strengthened by working closely with those of other faiths.

If you are interested in world peace, this is one meaningful way to contribute.  If you believe deeply in the vision of religious pluralism, but don’t know where to start, IFYC can provide the resources.

The Interfaith Youth Core ambassador program builds leadership skills, dialog skills, offers unique ways to serve your community.

Applications are being accepted through March 19.

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The Bible Lesson this week from the Christian Science Quarterly includes a familiar parable about sowing seeds. We’ll be talking about it at the Gathering on Sunday, February 7. Jesus’ parable teaches that the seeds dropped in fertile soil bear fruit abundantly. We can take that parable as a message to strengthen our receptivity to Christ’s “seeds” of spiritual understanding. But in the same Bible Lesson, Paul picks up the theme on seeds and fruit with a message to a Christian community. He challenges not just individuals to get their acts together, but the whole church community! (more…)

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Our focus on fellowship keeps turning our thought outward, away from me/us/self. It reminds us to care about others. Listening carefully, being interested in others’ well-being, and supporting them are tangible expressions of “loving our neighbor as ourselves.” (Jesus’ second great commandment)

Here’s a question I don’t know that we’ve discussed much before: How does a sacrament relate to fellowship? (more…)

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