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Amy Brice moderated for our Gathering today, and she brought a few surprises. To get us into the spirit of the Bible

Amy reading the poem we wrote

Lesson on the subject of Mind, she had us join her in writing a poem together – then and there! She started with the first line, and then little by little, people spoke up with ideas that wrote the poem. Living poetry drawing us together in unity. We wrote:

Mind, embracing us in Love

Beneath, around, above,

Lifts us from the place we knew

To something exciting, peaceful and new.

Never changing and always complete,

Lead us to Thy mercy seat.

I learned something else from this poem today. (more…)


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The Bible Lesson for this week begins with the words from Philippians: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Historically, Christians have thought of Jesus in a whole variety of ways; but whether Jesus is considered the “Exemplar” as in Christian Science, or as God as in orthodox Christianity, this sounds like a tall order! Christians do agree on the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, so how could any of us expect to compare ourselves with him? We’ll be discussing this question and a couple of other related ones at the Gathering on Sunday. (more…)

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