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Bill and Rob discussing Genesis 2

Two discussion groups reported that they didn’t get beyond the first question:  “How do we exchange the curse of Genesis II for the blessing of Genesis I?”

Someone mentioned that Genesis II’s curse includes tilling the soil. And that in the human experience we often seem to be tilling the soil of opposites — good and evil, joy and sorrow, life and death.

Someone else pointed out that in most religious traditions, a man or woman is not considered complete unless they are married. How freeing it is to realize that God has created each of Her children already complete, not needing any additions to be whole, to be useful to God and a blessing to humanity.

Visitors from Ohio jump right inThere were some tender moments addressing the question raised by, “What do we do when we feel we aren’t measuring up?”

Someone offered that the strength of a marriage comes not from looking at each other face-to-face, so that all you can see is the other person, but in facing the world shoulder-to-shoulder.  Then we can see where our talents and skills are needed.

Chris chuckles at a remark

Someone else said that God has put us here to help one another, and we all have our appointments from God.  Willingness to help and support each other nullifies much of the curse of Genesis II.

Oneness wrapped up the afternoon.  Man is one with God, safe, protected, cared for in this relationship.  Finding our oneness helps us connect meaningfully with humanity.   This is a concept most agreed they wanted to ponder further.


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People over the months have requested a Fellowship book club.   The distances in the Chicago area present a challenge for meeting face-to-face — except for local groups who are already up and running.

So what if those who would like to participate in a spirituality book club, but don’t have a local group, get together on a conference call?  Say a maximum of five people for each call?  Select a book, a meeting date, assign a moderator, and we’re off!

Here are a few titles that have been suggested:

  • The Shack, by William P. Young
  • What’s so amazing about grace? by Philip Yancey
  • The gentle art of blessing, Pierre Pradervand
  • Amish peace, by Suzanne Woods Fisher
  • Women, food, and God, by Geneen Roth
  • A new kind of Christian, Brian D. McLaren
  • Acts of Faith, by Eboo Patel
  • Radical Welcome, by Stephanie Spellers
  • Here if you need me: a true story, by Kate Braestrup

A neat aspect to this concept is that it does away with geography.  Fellowship friends from around the country — if you have a phone, you can participate!

You need to know that the conference call number is not an 800 number.  Each caller pays for their own phone call.  It’s helpful that there are many long-distance phone plans in use all over the country, and in other countries as well, which make this kind of call doable for many people.

If a conference call book club would meet your need, please click on “Comment” below and let us know.  What book by a spiritually-minded author would you like to discuss?

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