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These were some of the most frequently heard descriptions of the Gathering at the Cesca’s home on Sunday, January 10. It’s still startling to most of us when we start singing our first hymn that we sound so strong and so joyous. We’ve discovered – rather by accident – that when our chairs are placed facing each other, we hear each other and sound like a chorus. Shy singers sing louder, and great singers pull us together. (more…)


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Hello everyone! I am thrilled to share that in the spirit of utilizing the gifts of all who participate in our Fellowship, a few dedicated musicians have offered to play instruments as accompaniment to hymns or as a lovely solo during our worship meetings for the next few weeks to come! This Sunday, Brad Brubaker will play the guitar and sing to an original song that he composed about forgiveness. : D

As one example of the ever-present expressions of God’s harmony and creativity expressed, I look forward to witnessing how each of us at this meeting engages with the spirit of the music that is played or sung.

Will we find ourselves singing louder and with praise as we connect with the lyrics of a particular song; will we simply allow ourselves to feel the embracing joy at hand? Or will we take notice of the talent that our brethren have as the beams of light that they are!?

“I want not only quality, quantity, and variation in tone, but the unction of Love. Music is divine. Mind, not matter, makes music; and if the divine tone be lacking, the human tone has no melody for me, (Message ‘OO, p. 11, by Mary Baker Eddy).”  I trust that this truth resonates in all of our hearts.

So much love,
Amy Brice

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