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The question keeps popping up regarding the fourth option below, as to why those with decision-making responsibilities in CSF-MC would have to separate from their own branch churches or societies. So it may be helpful to address this specifically.

To recap, those who catch the spirit of this fellowship can:

1. Cherish and nurture meaningful ideas in their hearts.
2. Take ideas they think would be useful to their church.
3. Contribute to this group in whatever way is appropriate, while remaining active in their church.
4. If they find they want to participate in the decision-making responsibilities of this group, consider that would mean separating from another branch church or society.  (As indicated in the Church Manual, Art XXIII, Section 10)

Right now as we are evolving, people voting and making decisions do come from various churches all over the greater Chicago area. At some point those devoted to providing a worship service each Sunday will want to commit to full support for this group.

That point is when it would be appropriate to belong to one branch church or society.


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