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How-to Tweet!

We’re aware that Twitter may be a very new kind of experience for some who love everything else that’s happening with this Fellowship. In addition to the blog on “why Twitter,” I’d like to reiterate the point that the concept of fellowship is always helping us extend beyond our borders. It’s always welcoming, even those we may not know yet. So, just the idea of Twitter requires that we consider sharing what we love – generously. If you already tweet, please follow us; it’s a simple way to brighten our light.
For those of you who haven’t yet sampled the world of the 140-character-messages of Twitter, here is a quick how-to guide: (more…)


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Why Twitter?

You may have noticed you can click on our Twitter page (on the right side panel, underneath the photos) and see the mini-messages we’re sharing with the world. Those of you already involved in the world of tweets on Twitter know that it provides a huge connection with people who are looking for things. Since our Fellowship began with the intention of providing a home for those who aren’t already settled in a Christian Science community, tweeting is a natural form of communicating. (more…)

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