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In preparation for Thanksgiving, the Fellowship theme today was, “Thanks-living.”

Marge and Joan, George and Christa

Here are some things people expressed thanks for:

Nancy, Craig, and Stephanie fellowshipping

  • How the Fellowship has strengthened their love for their own churches.   All agreed, transformation has to start in their own thinking.  Warmth, respect, acceptance — it all starts with the individual and reaches out to embrace their church.
  • The Interfaith work the Fellowship began and hopes to expand, and how special that first experience had been for those participating.
  • How much one woman looks forward to being with her “church family” on Sundays and Wednesdays.  And that Church should have no boundaries.  If someone can’t make a service, there should be a way to include them.
  • Bible study groups in their communities where some are reading the Bible through for the first time.

Barb and Jill (sitting); Linda and Judy (standing).

  • The spirituality book club starting in January via conference call.  Someone asked if they could have a local book club, in addition to the conference call club.  For sure.

Warm wishes to all for the blessings of a day, a week, or a year —  filled with Thanks-giving and Thanks-living.


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Enlarging the tent

Today someone asked if they would need to leave their own church to help CS Fellowship – Metro Chicago. 

In a word, no.  There are several options for those who catch the spirit of this fellowship.

  1. As they find meaningful ideas, they can cherish and nurture them in their hearts.
  2. As they find ideas they think would be useful in their churches, take them there.
  3. They can contribute to this group in whatever way is appropriate, while remaining active in their church.
  4. If they find they want to participate in the decision-making responsibilities of this group, that would mean separating from another branch church.

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There’s a question that’s been circulated about what time of day a worship service (sponsored by CS Fellowship – MC) might take place.  The short answer is  – it has yet to be decided!

It was discussed at our meeting of young adults, that perhaps Sunday afternoon might be a good time to offer worship fellowship.  This will be considered, along with the ideas of others, at our organizational meeting on Thursday, October 8 (see details below, printed in blue).

If you have suggestions, we encourage you to attend this meeting!  (Please see details below.)

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I would like to fill you in on our meeting last Sunday, when a group of young Christian Science adults gathered to share ideas about Church. Here are some of their comments:

  • Accept people for who they are, without judging them. (What a great concept.)
  • Christian Science services seem to cater only to Christian Scientists. If I brought friends from the outside – what would they think?
  • I’m worried about church members judging my friends. Certain visuals tend to throw Christian Scientists, such as a person smoking.
  • Many people our age don’t practice Christian Science because our religion is so strict. They think, I can’t grow enough to participate.
  • I go to Sunday services, but I want a little more outside activity. Small discussion groups would be nice.
  • My husband is dealing with a lot of issues. I’d like to bring him to a discussion group of Christian Scientists dealing with medical issues.
  • I have trouble making the Bible relevant.
  • What is our idea of structure? Are we open to change?

(For pictures of this meeting, see Flickr Photos in the right-hand sidebar)

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