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Krista, Rob W, Bonniesue and George clowning afterward.

This Gathering found us sitting in one large circle, rather than breaking into smaller discussion groups. People appreciated hearing good ideas from everyone, which generated considerable thoughtful discussion.  So much so that Rindy could hardly get a word in edgewise when it was time to close!

Bonniesue sang and George played the keyboard to John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem about the bold love that folds all mankind into our own hearts.

Rindy, our trusty MC, began by asking, “What is worship?”  And here are several of the comments that followed. (more…)


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Worshiping boldly

Hello Friends,

We trust you are enjoying your snow or your thaw or your moderate climate — wherever this finds you!

The Fellowship marches on with discussion groups in January and programs in February.  This Sunday’s Gathering, held at the Des Plaines Society, 2 pm, takes as its theme, “Worshiping Boldly.”

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What does “worship” mean to you?   What does worshiping God in spirit and in truth mean to you?  What is worship not?
  • How can we keep our worship alive and fresh, rather than perfunctory — shallow, done without much thought, or simply a duty, We’ve all probably observed the enthusiasm and energy of someone who has just discovered the freedom and joy of a bright relationship to a loving God. How can we honor that freshness and spontaneity in new faces, even as we nurture enthusiasm and joy in long-time church members?
  • Is it too bold to pray for people we pass on the street, in the train, in the park? What’s your comfort level in praying for neighbors and strangers?  Should we, and if so how can we, be more bold in praying for those who cross our paths?

Meanwhile, please note our calendar for the next three months — which, we apologize, is sometimes a bit slow to appear in the right-hand corner under the photo. We’re going to express more order — aiming for the second and fourth Sundays of each month, so you can note these on your own calendars and confirm them later on the Blog calendar.

Gatherings Second and Fourth Sundays
January 9 and 23

February 13 and 27
March 13 and 27

WHEN: Sunday, January 9,  2pm
WHERE: Des Plaines Christian Science Society
48 N. Broadway, Des Plaines, IL
Map Link

Warm wishes for 2011.

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This last week I watched the PBS six-hour production God in America – a series that explored the role religion has played in shaping America’s history.  I found it fascinating to hear and see the experiences of individuals – their struggles and triumphs – in finding a faith system that would give stability to their lives.  Many times it was the deeply personal issues of these individuals that directly led to changes — sometimes good, sometimes not — in the moral climate of the country.

I was inspired by the courage of Anne Hutchinson in defending her firm conviction – to a male-dominated authority – (more…)

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A warm “keeping you in the loop!” to all who are looking for worship, discussion, and fellowship.

Sunday, December 13, at 2 pm: Worship gathering

• Shirley Paulson’s house
• 820 Glenview Road
• Glenview, IL 60025
• 847-998-0663

Please bring Bible Lesson Quarterlies and Hymnal Supplements if you have them.


Tuesday, December 15, 7 – 8:30 pm:  Leadership team meeting

Ray and Mary Lou Cesca’s house
46 Mockingbird Lane
Oak Brook, IL 60523

On the agenda for Tuesday:

  • Discussing our commitment to the relevance of Christian Science beyond ourselves
  • How to participate in our social media efforts
  • Further discussion of our identity as expressed in a Statement of Faith 

So if you feel these topics are important, be sure to put this meeting on your calendar.  Please note this is a corrected agenda from yesterday’s post.  Here is  the original meeting call with full Tuesday agenda.

Meanwhile, charting the course for such things as Bible study groups, Interfaith discussion, discussions on healing, parenting, service and community, youth groups, and more, will be on the agenda for a later meeting!

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Mark your calendars!

Thanks to everyone who’s been encouraging us to pick up some steam. It’s clear that lots of people are eager for more. We’re listening, praying, and loving every step of the way. We feel strengthened by the love and joy coming from people near and far.

Come and join us in worship, discussion, and fellowship at the next Gatherings we have scheduled now:

December 13, 2:00

  • Shirley Paulson’s house
  • 820 Glenview Road
  • Glenview, IL 60025
  • 847-998-0663

The following dates have been selected, and we’ll notify you of the locations as soon as we know:

  • January 10
  • January 24
  • February 7
  • February 21
  • March 7
  • March 21
  • April 11
  • April 25

Please bring Bible Lesson Quarterlies and Hymnal Supplements if you have them.

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Next Gathering

Can’t wait to see you again. It seems our conversation is just getting started. We hope you’ll be able to join us in worship and fellowship for our next Gathering. If you didn’t make it to the first one, we’d love to widen the circle.

Sunday afternoon, December 13
1:30 pm
2 pm — better for people coming from farther away

Where? We don’t know quite yet. We’ll let you know in a few days.

What to expect? Worshipping together, being loved, singing, praying, discussion, fellowship

What to bring? A Christian Science Quarterly and a Hymnal Supplement if you have them.

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Hello Friends,
Launching into the Bible lesson

Launching into the Bible lesson

We were deeply moved by the first Fellowship gathering Sunday afternoon.

About 40 people squeezed cozily into Shirley’s living room.  The congregation included a number of young adults, some people who had never been to a Christian Science worship before, people who no longer attend a CS church, interested church-going Christian Scientists, and one person Skyped in from another state.

Since most of the people had heard the entire lesson that morning, selected sections of the weekly Bible lesson were read – by eight different people. Small discussion groups then formed to consider questions raised in these sections. While some people said they had been hesitant about the discussion group concept beforehand, they changed their minds after participating and felt they would have liked more than 10 minutes.

Discussion in full swing

Discussion in full swing

The solo was a guitar accompaniment to an original song on forgiveness. The hymns came from the Supplement, sung with piano accompaniment.

Everyone was given two minutes to greet one person they didn’t know, followed by the collection, which consisted of brief inspirations shared from the week’s Bible lesson. Baskets for donations perched near the door.

Fellowship buzzed afterwards as people made new acquaintances and exchanged ideas.

The general consensus seemed to be that gatherings be held either every two weeks or once a month. We’ll keep you posted on how that unfolds.

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