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Join the discussion at the  Christian Science Fellowship – Metro Chicago:

WHEN:  Sunday, June 12, 2pm
WHERE: Des Plaines Christian Science Society
48 N. Broadway, Des Plaines, IL

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This  Sunday’s Gathering will be Midwest Summit Takeaway, Part II.  We’ll continue the previous discussion by asking questions like these:

  • How have you already seen changes in your church?  And how did they come about?
  • What can you identify that has been a change for the better?  And how do you define “better”?
  • What’s the difference between “change” and “renewal”?
  • What examples can you think of where a church has really engaged with its community?

See the 2011 Annual Meeting of The Mother Church.  The theme is “Church Alive.”


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Summit Follow Up!

Come to the Gathering

WHEN:  Sunday, May 22, 2pm

WHERE: Des Plaines Christian Science Society

48 N. Broadway, Des Plaines, IL

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Be thinking about:

  • What was most meaningful to you about the Summit?
  • What ideas came out of the summit that you would like to share with your church?
  • Are there any ideas in 20 steps for a renewed church that appeal to you?

See you soon!

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With the Midwest Summit just around the corner, today’s Gathering focused on vibrancy, fellowship, and change and growth in the context of healing. These three topics were high on the Summit survey results sent to church liaisons.  Here are a few ideas shared this afternoon.

Linda feels the Summit ties directly into Mrs. Eddy’s 1888 letter to the Chicago churches, where she writes of coming “…together to minister and to be ministered unto; mutually to aid one another in finding ways and means for helping the whole human family…” (Mis 98:9)

Bruce Springsteen lyrics: "I'll wait for you; if I fall behind, you wait for me." This is how a church fellowships. Each member's steps are at different places. So we wait lovingly, patiently, for one another.

Vibrancy.  George spoke of the vibrancy of services in the prisons and mental health facilities.   Vibrancy often springs from a bad beginning — a TV blaring in the background, or staff constantly moving to and fro.  Yet the Holy Ghost is so clearly present. The attendees are deeply engaged and the services are exciting.  He often leaves these services thinking, “Yes!  this is what church is about!” (more…)

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Jacob and Easu’s reconciliation story sparked a lively discussion.   Rindy asked, Do we have to suffer as Jacob did – near panic that Esau would kill him?

Barb M. said, When we are following our highest sense of right, the path is easier.  When we try to do things our own way and leave God out, it can be distressing.  There is always a need for repentance.  Jacob had to repent of his greed.  Zacchaeus, in another story, had to repent of his greed.  Someone pointed out that Esau was healed too — of his determination for revenge.

Ginny, Carol, Barb O, and Barb M.

The Gentle Art of Blessing (February’s book club selection) seemed to have a direct tie-in to this Bible lesson.  Rindy asked, “If we think of the people we judge — how would it be to replace that with acceptance?”

Shirley told a story that had been the catalyst for her to commit to spiritual healing.  The story told of family who responded with love and kindness when a willful girl accidentally ruined her older sister’s only good dress. It made Shirley face squarely (more…)

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Gathering this Sunday,
WHEN: Sunday, March 13,  2pm
WHERE: Des Plaines Christian Science Society
48 N. Broadway, Des Plaines, IL
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Ways to have the most toys:

  1. When God makes you king, demand riches (not like Solomon- II Chronicles 1:8-23)
  2. Cheat your brother out of his birthright (like Jacob – Genesis 27-32)
  3. Use your position to collect more taxes than the Romans demand (like Zacchaeus – Luke 19:1-10)
  4. Just make the best of a bad situation (like the beggar at the temple gate – Acts 3:1-8)
  5. None of the above

Come and share your thoughts about Accumulating possessions vs bestowing blessings.

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Sunlight splashes on the wall

Is there a place for thinking boldly within organized religion?

Sometimes those who are familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order appear to use it to squash discussion.  People asking honest questions sometimes don’t have an opportunity to hear those questions discussed.

Does thinking boldly mean doing away with what’s established?


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Thinking boldly

Be a time traveler!  Go back in history to the moment when Pilate asked Jesus that momentous question, “What is truth?”  You are there in Pilate’s audience chamber.  Jesus has said nothing.

  • What would your answer have been?
  • Why does the question of what Truth is agitate the world?
  • If these are days when real thinkers are needed, what does it mean to be a thinker?

Bring your ideas and your friends to the Fellowship Gathering:

WHEN: Sunday, January 23,  2pm
WHERE: Des Plaines Christian Science Society
48 N. Broadway, Des Plaines, IL
Map Link

Gatherings Second and Fourth Sundays
January 9 and 23
February 13 and 27  Special programs
March 13 and 27

Conference Call Book Club every third Sunday at 7 pm
February 20
March 20
April 17
May  15

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