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Commitment required!

The combination CS + fun worked great for the CS Fellowship-Metro Chicago young adult retreat over the weekend. Now that there’s a core group of young adults ready to make it happen again, we hope more Chicago-area young adults will jump in next time.

Who got it started? Amy Brice, Jasmine Scott, Chris Cesca, Karen Greig, Tim Holzworth, and Christa Seid-Graham. Nobody knew everybody, so it was just a little daring to take off for the weekend, committed just to the idea that young adult Christian Scientists have a good reason to get together. (more…)


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If you’re out of Sunday School, interested in Christian Science ideas, and would love to get to know more young adults like you in the Chicago area, please take note! How do we define “young adult”? Between 20 and mid-to-upper 30’s.

Amy Brice is holding a planning meeting this Sunday, January 17, at Asher House in Evanston at 825 Hamlin Street, 60201, from 2:00 – 3:30.

Anyone is welcome to help us get started. If you care about growing a community of young adult Christian Scientists, this is where you’re needed. We’re open to any good idea – about the venue, the timing, the activities, or anything else. If you’re interested and can’t make it this time, would you give Amy Brice a call?  847-361-3516

It’s also great if you have any questions or comments to leave them here on the blog, so everyone else has the benefit of hearing what you have to say.  Thanks! Eager to get to know you!

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