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Is it all right to protest a senseless death by participating in a community march?

Shouldn’t we just pray about solving gang violence?

Is there a place for activism?

Read (fairly brief) how one woman found her answer to these questions.

One woman’s response.


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We’re going to wrestle with a challenging question at the Gathering on Sunday (July 25): What kind of struggle would we face in our own hearts to warmly welcome someone whose life is very different from our own? It’s true that most of the people coming to these Gatherings have come from a rather mono-cultural background. And yet, to live up to the Fellowship’s goal to be radically welcoming of everyone, we need to think seriously about what it means to welcome someone who’s more comfortable in a very different culture from our own. (more…)

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Some of us cried openly, others of us cried inside, and perhaps some just went away thinking quietly. We also cheered for each other. Our main theme for today was regardless of where we are in the midst of medicine, how do we move forward? It’s interesting how easily we confided and supported each other, even though several people were new and had never been a part of any of our Fellowship activities before. Part of it was the way Craig sang to us right at the start. It was the song that wrote itself in his heart after our first discussion on medicine from last March: “… let go of your grief and despair…if we bare one another’s burdens – help our sisters and brothers along – we can travel the road sharing our load…” (more…)

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The purpose of this meeting on Saturday, February 6, at 17th Church, 10:30 – 12:30, is to search together for a better way to support our fellow Christian Scientists if they get involved in medicine. We will be speaking honestly about the ethical conflicts that arise when someone needs temporary medical help. We’ll start with general questions (scroll down to see them) and avoid “absolutist” answers. We plan to summarize our discussion on this blog afterward, but be assured that no personal information will be shared.  You should feel comfortable telling your own stories if you want. Above all, everyone is loved and welcome. (more…)

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Our focus on fellowship keeps turning our thought outward, away from me/us/self. It reminds us to care about others. Listening carefully, being interested in others’ well-being, and supporting them are tangible expressions of “loving our neighbor as ourselves.” (Jesus’ second great commandment)

Here’s a question I don’t know that we’ve discussed much before: How does a sacrament relate to fellowship? (more…)

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