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Several enthusiastic January Book Club participants have requested knowing in advance the titles for the next several months.  To accommodate these requests, book club selections through June are listed below.

If you would like to note the dates on your calendars, book clubs will be the third Sunday evening of each month,  7 – 8:30 pm CT.

Please also note: there is no automatic sign-up.  If you wish to participate in any given month, please be sure to let us know! (more…)


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Two of you emailed with events you’d like to share!

Of special interest to spirituality book clubbers,
Monday 12/6  7-8:30 p.m. at Antalee Spa  1834-36 Glenview Rd.  Glenview IL 60025  847-486-1130 and Tuesday 12-7 at The Present Moment  521 N. Milwaukee Ave. (Rt. 21)
Libertyville IL 60048  847-357-1581

Barb Boss explalins:
At a recent fellowship meeting, I mentioned that author Eckert Tolle (who wrote The Power of Now and A New Earth) might be worthwhile considering at some point for the book club.  He’s considered a very influential modern day spiritual teacher and his books have been best sellers.

Maggie Wilkins, who was Eckert Tolle’s personal assistant and chef, is speaking in Glenview and Libertyville this week (no charge for the talk) about her experiences and personal growth while working with him. If you have a chance to forward this email, others might be interested in attending (I’m planning to attend at least one of them).

If anyone else decides to attend, they are welcome to call my cell phone at 224-622-0149 so we can look for each other.

Thanks, Barb

Of special interest to Interfaith, an invitation: Once again the Des Plaines Christian Science Society and the First Congregational Church of Des Plaines will unite in a Christmas Day service.  This will include reading from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, a short sermon, prayer, and music enjoying the talents of both church’s musicians.  The service will be held at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, December 25, at the Congregational Church, 766 Graceland Avenue, Des Plaines.  Parking and handicap access can be found by the rear entrance.

Bill Sweet explains that this is Des Plaines Society’s 5th Annual Christmas Day Combined Service with the Congregational Church of Des Plaines, IL.

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People over the months have requested a Fellowship book club.   The distances in the Chicago area present a challenge for meeting face-to-face — except for local groups who are already up and running.

So what if those who would like to participate in a spirituality book club, but don’t have a local group, get together on a conference call?  Say a maximum of five people for each call?  Select a book, a meeting date, assign a moderator, and we’re off!

Here are a few titles that have been suggested:

  • The Shack, by William P. Young
  • What’s so amazing about grace? by Philip Yancey
  • The gentle art of blessing, Pierre Pradervand
  • Amish peace, by Suzanne Woods Fisher
  • Women, food, and God, by Geneen Roth
  • A new kind of Christian, Brian D. McLaren
  • Acts of Faith, by Eboo Patel
  • Radical Welcome, by Stephanie Spellers
  • Here if you need me: a true story, by Kate Braestrup

A neat aspect to this concept is that it does away with geography.  Fellowship friends from around the country — if you have a phone, you can participate!

You need to know that the conference call number is not an 800 number.  Each caller pays for their own phone call.  It’s helpful that there are many long-distance phone plans in use all over the country, and in other countries as well, which make this kind of call doable for many people.

If a conference call book club would meet your need, please click on “Comment” below and let us know.  What book by a spiritually-minded author would you like to discuss?

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