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Remember the last time someone picked up a broom to help you sweep, or helped you get ready for a party? It’s so much more fun going about our tasks when someone is with us, working side by side. We’d like to lighten the loads of our Joplin brothers and sisters by bringing what we can to their “party.” We’re happy to report to you that since the time of our last blog on the subject, the Principle Foundation is now able to receive financial donations that will go directly to our brothers and sisters cleaning up in Joplin, MO. These funds are tax-deductible and can be sent directly to:

Be sure to note on the subject line: “disaster relief.”

The Christian Science Fellowship-Metro Chicago will donate its entire collection this Sunday (June 12) to this fund, so we welcome you to participate in this outpouring of love. (more…)


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Until Saturday, we were lacking in our connections with anyone from the Christian Science African-American community in Chicago. Nobody wanted to make it a racial issue, but we needed to invite people specifically from this community, or we’d never start the conversation.

Getting acquainted

So we got together at Bee Library on South State Street just to talk about how we could get over whatever it is that keeps us too distant from each other. Finding something to talk about was no problem! In fact, after two hours, the majority said they really wanted to meet again. There’s so much more to say.

One of the first topics was the need to deal with ignorance. Ignorance means to ignore, and we can all tear down disconnecting barriers with better education. We’ll also learn to stop judging by appearances.

We came together to listen and learn

The conversation moved back and forth between whether we should be discussing racism or not. One of the reasons in favor of discussing it was the realization some shared that they had discerned subtle forms of racism in their own thoughts. Racism, as well as any other unGod-like thought must be met in our own thought. Institutional racism, for instance, is almost hidden because people don’t feel anger or superiority. But it needs to be recognized, in order to confront it within.

"Even living closely among minority communities, institutional racism surfaces."

Institutional racism comes out in impersonal ways, when organizations fail to treat everyone equally. That’s why it’s subtle. But someone’s thinking it!

Shifting the discussion to another form of division, someone described a tough time he had when he felt rejected by the Christian Science community as a whole. It had nothing to do with race. It had to do with the culture of our healing practice. It started with a physical difficulty he faced. After an earnest effort of several years to seek healing through Christian Science, he felt it was wise to seek medical support. But the rebuke from the Christian Science community shocked and saddened him. At a time when people need the most help, can we not find a way to be there for each other? (more…)

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