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Hi Book Clubbers,

I’ve read the first 87 pages at this point, and I’m hooked!  At some point, soon I trust, Bashir is going to knock on the door of the house in which he lived till he was six, and, Dahlia, a young Jewish woman will answer  the door.  They will begin a rare friendship.  Meanwhile, Sandy Tolen is carefully explaining why Bashir’s family left, and how Dahlia came to live in, his house in al-Ramla.

From the back cover:  “A handbook to understanding the Israeli Palestinian conflict through a narrative that captures its essence through tracing the connected lives of two extraordinary individuals.  Literally the single work I’ld recommend to anyone seeking to understand why the conflict remains unresolved, and why it continues to dominate the region.” — Tony Karon editor, Time

“No novel could be more compelling… And it will certainly be one of the best works of nonfiction that you will read this year.”  The Christian Science Monitor.  (2006)

For August we’re reading the first eight chapters.  The Book Club has already received an email of a Publicity Release for this book – just to whet our appetites.

We’re happy to have those who have read the first eight chapters, or part of them, join us on the call.  The call-in number will be sent to book clubbers a few days before the discussion.

Happy reading!

Sandi, Rindy, Carol, Barb


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Update: Location – 1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Palatine (1 South Rohlwing; 60074; 847-358-6272)   Time – 10:30-12:00

One of the foundational concepts behind the  establishment of the Christian Science Fellowship-Metro Chicago is a desire to develop awareness, appreciation, and understanding of others. A contemporary word for that is “pluralism.” We recognize that we live in a world of rich diversity all around us, and that we are better prepared to engage effectively with our neighbors by cherishing their place in our lives. Our Fellowship is preparing for a learning experience with a Swedenborgian church in the Chicago area, called the New Church. (more…)

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The sessions I have attended so far at the Parliament of the World’s Religions usually give me some provocative questions to contemplate.

The first one in a session called “Strengthening your faith through interfaith dialogue” included the comment: “Don’t let your religion be a time capsule, but let it be a time-line.” (more…)

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Religious leaders from around the world are warning us that young people today, more than ever before, need to understand their own religions in the context of the world around them. Very few Christian Science kids go to school with other Christian Scientists now. They’re often at a loss as to how to explain their religious lives to their schoolmates, and so they must either opt out of religious conversation altogether, or else they need to know better how to explain who they are. (more…)

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