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You have probably realized by now that the Christian Science Fellowship-Metro Chicago activities come to pass when there is a calling and reason for them. Sometimes they bunch up, and sometimes there is a pause.

We’ve had some great activity lately, with two Gatherings in January, a presentation on “Women Who Followed Jesus” in February, and two book club meetings. More is on the way. But we’re going to pause briefly, and hold off from any meetings on Sunday, February 27.

We encourage you to enjoy the two Christian Science lectures that will be held in Evanston and Hinsdale that afternoon. Enjoy a little fellowship wherever you are. We’ll be eager to welcome you back on Sunday, March 13, for a Gathering, held at the Des Plaines Church, at 2:00 pm.


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Adam and Eve were hiding.  They had totally disregarded God’s instructions for a happy life in the garden.  Even though they weren’t particularly bright, something told them they might be in trouble.  Their disobedience was quickly discovered and they were cursed forever.  Kind of a bad beginning.  Join us Sunday in Des Plaines at 2 pm, as we discuss the merits of giving the man made of dust a power wash.
Map link.

Q. How can we exchange the curse of Genesis 2 for the blessing of Genesis I?

Q. in a world that places great importance on genealogy, DNA, and susceptibilities, which family tree above are you identifying with?

Paul and Barnabas had found great receptivity and support in Antioch.  Then suddenly some angry Jews succeeded in turning the people of the city against them.  Our heroes shook the dust from their feet, symbolically rejecting the resistance, and left for Iconium.
Q. What helps us know when to stay and fight, or when to shake the dust from our feet, turn the field completely over to God, and move on?

Come as you are, and bring your ideas and your friends.

Calendar for the rest of 2010:

  • November 7
  • November 21
  • December – no Gatherings

WHEN:  Sunday, November 7,  2pm
WHERE: Des Plaines Christian Science Society
48 N. Broadway, Des Plaines, IL

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Because nearly all of us have been touched by the loss of someone or something dear to us, many hearts were moved today.

Gladys smiles for the camera

Discussions included moving past grief and guilt.  One participant said she felt guilty when her 16-year old son died.  Bill’s friend committed

suicide.  He has wondered, “Is there anything I could have or should have done differently?”  Barb said when she was a teenager, she was able to help a friend feel God’s love, and he changed his mind and did not commit suicide.

Margaret from California, listens

Someone asked, “Is guilt the same as repentance?”

Margaret pointed out “Guilt repeats the problem.  Repentance moves on.  Guilt says, ‘I’m bad’; repentance affirm s belief in your goodness.  When Jesus said, ‘Repent,’ he was saying, ‘Believe in your goodness.”

Bonnie Jean pointed out that in the story of Adam and Eve, the sad thing was that they were never given the opportunity to repent.  They were simply condemned as bad. But Jesus offered repentance, reformation, leaving the bad behind.  Jesus offered love.

Bonnie Jean expounds on love

She added, “We hear so much today about needing more healing.  If Love is the basis of all healing, isn’t more love what we really need?  Doesn’t healing follow that pure expression of love?”

Bob Kupfer gave us the gift of singing two original songs accompanying himself on his guitar.  “Holy Father, Holy Son” affirmed “God and His creation are one.”  No separation between God and man.  How very helpful for surmounting a sense of loss.

“Love’s Love” reminded us that all we can feel today is that strong, embracing Love, while Truth’s truth points out the way.  In that Love and Truth we go forward with grace.
If there was a conclusion, it’s that expressing God’s comforting love is always healing.

Rindy and Stephany share a chuckle

Link to the  article, “People making a difference.” — From The Christian Science Monitor: How one man has prevented hundreds of Australians from jumping off a cliff by inviting them, one at a time, inside for a cup of tea.

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Ready to move forward?

When someone, or something, you really love passes on, how do you deal with it?  If you’ve been there, how did you figure out that there is more to life than just feeling “numb”?  We’ll be exploring such questions Sunday in Des Plaines at 2 pm. Do join us!

  • When a loved one passed on, what did you learn that helped you move forward?
  • Deep grief can come from a lot of things.  How do we work out of that mental dullness that says something that was precious to us has ended?
  • How do we start our prayer for a world where too many people see suicide as the only solution?

Here’s a link related to the third bullet from the TMCYouth blog, Dear me:
It’s called, “Pay attention”

We’d love to hear your input, either by leaving a comment below or in person.  Come just as you are and bring your friends!

Map link.

Schedule for the rest of 2010:

  • October 24
  • November 7
  • November 21
  • December – no Gatherings

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Where do we go from here?

We hear so often from people that they love what this Fellowship is doing, and that its mission is right on. As a reminder, our mission is: “To nourish Christian Science worship, fellowship and healing in a warm, bold new way that supports one another and reaches the world.” It’s not necessarily like following a road map, with every left-and-right turn marked out for us. But it is clearly a connection with the Holy Spirit that keeps calling us forward. And in order to stay faithful to it, we’re thinking of the next adjustments. Some things are staying the same, but other things need to change. (more…)

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