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Ray, Amy, and Rindy agree these conversations surprise us and move us onward

We were in the mood for good discussion for last Sunday’s Gathering.  Most of us had just attended the Family Service at the New Church (Swedenborgian) earlier in the morning. Right after the service, we enjoyed brunch and wonderful conversation with our new New Church friends. By around 1:00, we gathered in Shirley Paulson’s home to carry on with our focus on the Christian Science Bible Lesson. More people arrived, just as we were finishing talking over our impressions of the morning activities. (more…)


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Being heard

At our Gathering yesterday, we helped each other consider the gifts of grace in our lives. From the Christian Science Bible Lesson, we heard from Ephesians that each one of us is given the gift of grace according to the measure of Christ’s gift. We had a chance to hear it, ponder it in silent prayer, and then talk about it in one-on-one conversations with people we didn’t know well. Our specific guidance for conversation was to learn what gifts of grace others have that enrich our lives.

Until you actually do this kind of conversation, it may sound awkward or an invasion of privacy. But from the reports we’ve heard so far, people are appreciating the chance to be heard and valued. These discussions are serving as obstacle breakers, dissolving the walls of generation gaps, gender divisions, and other-community-separators. I learned, for example, from a person I’d never really talked with before (even though she lives in a next-door town) how her fidelity to Christian Science all her life has made her strong and able to help in prison and other community needs. It was a comfort for me to know someone else is there, silently working by my side, pulling in the same direction. I could see how my conversation partner is a gift of grace in my life that I wouldn’t have known without the discussion.

In this Fellowship, we are clear that everything we do is intended as support for each other – healing in every way, for each other and for all humanity. These acts of hearing each other may seem small in the context of humanity’s needs, but they are the kernels of love that must always be present in healing. Jesus’ words to be “faithful over a few things” are reminders to us that these little things make us “ruler over many” things. (Matthew 25).

As readers of this blog know, we’re definitely learning as we go. We welcome comments from those who have participated, as well as those who are thinking about it. Let us know how it felt for you to be heard, or else how it felt to listen. (All photos by Chris Cesca)

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