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The Euphrates Institute touts a bold vision: “To end the ‘clash of civilizations’ in our lifetime”!

This vision fits within the Fellowship’s goal of nurturing Christian Science worship, fellowship, and healing in a warm, bold, new way that supports one another and reaches the world.

To that end, and with permission, we share Euphrates Institute’s latest newsletter, below.  Natasha Turak contacted  several Muslim friends in different countries.  She presents thoughtful interviews on the significance of Ramadan to these young people.  We hope you find these interviews as informative as we did.

euphrates bulletin

Thursday 16, August 2012

How much do you know about Ramadan?

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A child prepares food for the Iftar (evening meal) for the breaking of the Ramadan fast in Karachi, Pakistan

This week’s Current brings to you an interview between Euphrates intern Natasha Turak and four individuals celebrating Ramadan around the world.  Natasha asked them to share how they celebrate, their favorite foods, and the spiritual import of the holiday.  Read on for an informative and and mouth-watering Q&A about Ramadan!


Ramadan, which began July 20th this year and will end August 19th, is the ninth and holiest month of the Islamic calendar. Right now, 1.5 billion people around the world are fasting and praying in celebration, observing one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The days and nights are filled with prayers and family gatherings, and when the sun goes down, the feasting begins. The month is based on the Islamic Lunar calendar, so it happens at a different time every year.

Ramadan is celebrated all over the world, from countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to households in Europe, the U.S. and beyond. Fasting sounds really challenging, but it seems that there are even health benefits of Ramadan in addition to the spiritual ones! I decided to learn more about Ramadan by interviewing some Muslim friends from different (more…)


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Welcomed by songs

One of the aspects of the mission of the Christian Science Fellowship-Metro Chicago is its nurturing of a relationship with the rest of the world. It is natural, therefore, to be curious about and eager to learn about other faith traditions. I decided to go to a special talk held at the Vivekananda Vedanta Society of Chicago in Homer Glen last Saturday, for just this purpose. I’d like to share my observations and what I learned, in the spirit of encouraging more dialogue about our journeys in the interfaith world.

As a guest learning about an ancient faith tradition, I found several ideas in his talk that resonated for me:

  • Everything is spiritual
  • Reality is pure love
  • No matter our situation, it can be transformed for the better
  • We need not fear death because (more…)

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Two of you emailed with events you’d like to share!

Of special interest to spirituality book clubbers,
Monday 12/6  7-8:30 p.m. at Antalee Spa  1834-36 Glenview Rd.  Glenview IL 60025  847-486-1130 and Tuesday 12-7 at The Present Moment  521 N. Milwaukee Ave. (Rt. 21)
Libertyville IL 60048  847-357-1581

Barb Boss explalins:
At a recent fellowship meeting, I mentioned that author Eckert Tolle (who wrote The Power of Now and A New Earth) might be worthwhile considering at some point for the book club.  He’s considered a very influential modern day spiritual teacher and his books have been best sellers.

Maggie Wilkins, who was Eckert Tolle’s personal assistant and chef, is speaking in Glenview and Libertyville this week (no charge for the talk) about her experiences and personal growth while working with him. If you have a chance to forward this email, others might be interested in attending (I’m planning to attend at least one of them).

If anyone else decides to attend, they are welcome to call my cell phone at 224-622-0149 so we can look for each other.

Thanks, Barb

Of special interest to Interfaith, an invitation: Once again the Des Plaines Christian Science Society and the First Congregational Church of Des Plaines will unite in a Christmas Day service.  This will include reading from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, a short sermon, prayer, and music enjoying the talents of both church’s musicians.  The service will be held at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, December 25, at the Congregational Church, 766 Graceland Avenue, Des Plaines.  Parking and handicap access can be found by the rear entrance.

Bill Sweet explains that this is Des Plaines Society’s 5th Annual Christmas Day Combined Service with the Congregational Church of Des Plaines, IL.

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Physicists whose world is atomic and sub-atomic particles now tell us that matter only appears when you look at it. We are inclined to ask, “Then how do we know what’s real and what isn’t?”   Come explore this question and others at the Christian Science Fellowship – Metro Chicago, this Sunday in Des Plaines, at 2 pm.

  • Are we guilty when we are sick?  Have we sinned by thinking some wrong thought?  Why or why not?
  • Job 33:22-25 How can we be that messenger, the interpreter, that one among a thousand who shows our brothers and sisters their worth?  What would keep us on the sidelines?

Background for next question:  From the Chicago Tribune, October 3, 2010, Manya Brachear’s blog, guest columnist Shirley Paulson, regarding our faith traditions, says, “Exposing ourselves to public discourse (more…)

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Where do we go from here?

We hear so often from people that they love what this Fellowship is doing, and that its mission is right on. As a reminder, our mission is: “To nourish Christian Science worship, fellowship and healing in a warm, bold new way that supports one another and reaches the world.” It’s not necessarily like following a road map, with every left-and-right turn marked out for us. But it is clearly a connection with the Holy Spirit that keeps calling us forward. And in order to stay faithful to it, we’re thinking of the next adjustments. Some things are staying the same, but other things need to change. (more…)

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Ray, Amy, and Rindy agree these conversations surprise us and move us onward

We were in the mood for good discussion for last Sunday’s Gathering.  Most of us had just attended the Family Service at the New Church (Swedenborgian) earlier in the morning. Right after the service, we enjoyed brunch and wonderful conversation with our new New Church friends. By around 1:00, we gathered in Shirley Paulson’s home to carry on with our focus on the Christian Science Bible Lesson. More people arrived, just as we were finishing talking over our impressions of the morning activities. (more…)

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I had a feeling we were in for a wonderful treat when we stepped into the front door at the New Church. “Welcome! I’m Eric.” A quick hand-shake and inquiry about each of our names, and we all knew we were sincerely welcome. A dozen Christian Scientists from all over Chicago (including Linda and Sandy from St. Louis) came to visit the “Family Service” at the

A friendly and warm welcome for the Christian Scientists at the New Church "Family Service"

New Church. We wanted to visit specifically for the purpose of listening to others we don’t know well and to engage in meaningful interfaith dialogue.

Live musicians – including two guitars, violin, drum, piano, and vocalists – played for us as we got settled and ready for worshipping with this warm and welcoming community.  Kids of all ages snuggled in with their parents, and after the first song (not really a hymn, but a very singable song), we heard an opening talk from Pastor Peter Buss on the subject of hearing. With props including a high stack of chairs and a rector-set type of construction, the Pastor explained how good listening protects us from dangerous situations. Listening to the voice of wisdom, we wouldn’t climb the stack of wobbly chairs, and listening to the voice of good guidance, we can construct useful things.  The sermon, aimed specifically for the kids, was clearly engaging for us adult-kids too. (more…)

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