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Thank goodness one of you contacted us and told us his comments weren’t appearing on the blog. We asked the keeper of our blog to find out why. In doing so, we found these particular comments went straight to the spam folder. Fortunately, we’ve been able to retrieve his messages, along with some others’ comments. We were able to get all of them onto the blog today, even though most of them were written a couple of weeks ago. We want to apologize for those of you who made the effort to write your comments and submit them, even though they didn’t show up on the blog. And we hope you’ll give it another try. We value your thoughts, insights, questions, and prayers.

So, here’s a message for everyone: if your comment doesn’t appear on the blog within a few minutes, let us know! We may need to dig it out of some hidden hole, but we want you to know: your comment is important.

Send technical goof reports to:   csfellowshipchicago@gmail.com

For those of you whose comments were temporarily misplaced, thank you for your forgiveness, and know that we encourage you to write again. Thanks.


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Thanks for your patience! The “Chew” section has been decommissioned.  “Comments” have all been moved and attached to their appropriate blogs. Thanks to our trusty Blogmeister, rennovations have been smoothly completed.

You can now find your favorite blog in one of three ways. Yes, we did say two earlier, but there is a third.

1. Use the clever floaty little “TAGS” cloud in the right-hand column, with tag words of different fonts and sizes.
Clicking on the word that interests you takes you to all blog posts on that topic.
2. Or use the ’search’ box at the top right of any blog page.
3. Or, ta-dah!   Simply scroll down till you find what you’re looking for!

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