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We’re going to wrestle with a challenging question at the Gathering on Sunday (July 25): What kind of struggle would we face in our own hearts to warmly welcome someone whose life is very different from our own? It’s true that most of the people coming to these Gatherings have come from a rather mono-cultural background. And yet, to live up to the Fellowship’s goal to be radically welcoming of everyone, we need to think seriously about what it means to welcome someone who’s more comfortable in a very different culture from our own. (more…)


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In our Christian Science Fellowship Metro-Chicago, we have been giving considerable attention to being an inclusive community. We’ve been asking ourselves what it takes to experience genuine worship, fellowship, and respect for the types of people who are not regularly with us. I was recently introduced to an online community known as “Allies for Change,” (http://www.alliesforchange.org/resources.html), and one of the articles (“Authenticity in a Community Setting”) includes a section related to this topic we’re pondering. It’s challengingly titled: “Community In-Reach Instead of Community Out-Reach.” The author, Dionardo Pizana, claims that most out-reach programs begin with the assumption that the initiating group has all the “right” knowledge, and that they need to spend time with people who don’t know it, to “show them what they need out of the kindness of their hearts.” Ouch. (more…)

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