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submitted by  Bonniesue and George Wadleigh

At the Gathering Sunday, George and Bonniesue Wadleigh treated us to an old Methodist hymn “Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy”.  The words remind us that while our Father keeps the light at the top of the lighthouse burning brightly, we have a job too.  We’re to keep the “lower lights burning.”  These would be the lights along the shore, which guide vessels safely into their harbor.

Are we guilty when we are sick?  Marge offered that in her residence, she makes a point of always seeing herself and those around her as sinless and whole, (more…)


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The subject of this week’s Bible Lesson, Everlasting Punishment, reminds me of a story I’m going to tell on myself here. When I was little, I thought sin was more like a monster. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it must be terrible. I knew really evil people were sinners, and that something horrendous would end up happening to them if they didn’t find a way to fix their sins. My Sunday School teacher taught our class that when we stopped sinning altogether, we’d end up experiencing heaven, the kingdom of God. It would be so beautiful and peaceful. Well, the thought of sitting in a rocking chair and observing peaceful, beautiful scenery was terrifying. I’d much rather jump out of trees, and chase fireflies on summer nights than have to sit still for eternity! I had a horrible decision to make – would I keep sinning, even though I didn’t know what it was, and risk everlasting punishment? Or would I sacrifice fun for the sake of eternal stillness? I cried, telling my teacher I didn’t want to be so good yet. (more…)

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